Sunday, August 21, 2011

making of a dodo

Freshly purchased roll of 54" paper. 

 I divide the paper up and cut it down to size using a t-square and exacto blade

 repeat until I have 50 sheets

 This was my first time using photo emulsion to make my screen. So I hand painted onto acetate my image to be burnt into the screen.
Image burnt into my nice new aluminum screen (no more cheap speedball crap screen). I chose this method instead of the stencil like the skull prints because I wanted to try a new technique and I wanted a semi permanent screen for printing. I spread the emulsion with a squeegee, hence the sloppiness, kinda wish I had bought a scoop coater, but in the end it all worked fine.

 Plain paper in.

 Dodo comes out

 Repeat 50 times. Probably should invest in a drying rack but for now I just tape them to the wall to dry

Finally take my blade and kiss cut each one to shape and they are ready for pasting.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


To the person who re-pasted a dodo that was falling down after the heavy rain.

Thank You